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I don’t like strawberries. Or blueberries. Or really, any berries. It’s a weird quirk for a foodie, but the whole berry family just doesn’t do it for me. (Tomatoes and eggplants, too.)  I’ve never liked them. I was the kid who ate peanut butter sandwiches instead of PB&J because almost all J is made with berries. (Are grapes berries? I love grapes. Hate grape jelly though.) My husband doesn’t like ’em, either.
My parents know this. Or, I’d assume they do. Every year for my mother’s birthday, I make her strawberry shortcake. And never eat a piece because… I don’t like strawberries.  My husband also doesn’t eat any.

So when my folks came to visit yesterday so we could spend father’s day together, they showed up with… a quart of strawberries and a pint of blueberries. They had picked them up “Special for you, from the Farmer’s Market.”  It was a sweet gesture, one that tells me that they love me and that they are thinking of me. But it also tells me that I’m right when I think, “Wow, they just don’t even try to know me.”

And it makes me depressed. It also makes semi-decent jam.

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  1. C'tina
    June 18, 2007 at 6:11 pm

    People’s taste change sometimes…also blue berries can be finger food for age appropriate toddlers. Fruit smoothies? (except for strawbeery seeds…they take all the fun ot of a fruit smoothie but I still choke them down) but berries, apples, bags of frozen peaches/ melons,banana…some tofu, oj, skim milk or yogurt…blended all up…drink 30-40 oz through out the mid morning…helps me with appetite control

  2. Raise Hell
    June 24, 2007 at 5:37 am

    I have the same problem but with ice. It seems your parents love you very much. They may think the berry thing is a faze because they aren’t used to someone not liking them. I’ve never know anyone until now, not liking berries. They may very well forget that you hate them which is more plausible. I used to rail on my parent for forgeting things and am now cursed with forget things with my kid. I think the first thing that comes to their mind is “giving a wonderful gift to a wonder daughter.” Don’t be depressed, they are blinded by love.

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