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An exercise in humiliation

What’s worse than having to buy a bathing suit at the heaviest weight you’ve ever been? (Not like … Oh, I’m 123 pounds instead of 112! More like, Oh dear lord, I’m over 200!)

Buying it with your best friend who is slim.

More humiliating yet? She had a few extra pounds a few years ago and one day decided, “Oh, I’m going to lose weight.” And did. Without making any fuss out of it. You know how rare that is? I do. They did a study and it was reviewed on Slate.com. Only 7 percent of people who lose weight keep it off.

If you don’t want to click through, here’s the kicker ‘graph:

One other possibility. For a few people, dieting is effective. In one recent study, although more than 90 percent of the participants were no thinner after a year (and may gain more weight as time passes), about 7.5 percent continued to lose weight. Maybe we need to figure out just what contributed to these unusual success stories—and then find a way to apply it to the rest of us.

She is one of those 7.5 percent. I love her but …

Okay, to be totally fair, I’ve never dieted. Partly because I hate the idea of counting calories and partly because there is no diet in which chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are a regular food. I own the South Beach Diet book because my pregnancy nutritionist said it was a good one for people at risk for diabetes (I had gestational diabetes).  But I haven’t read the book yet. And I’m having trouble with the idea of giving up pizza. And french bread. And ice cream. Oh, my god, ice cream.

Anyway, I wound up dropping $100 on a swim suit I’ll wear once or twice a year. Happily, the neckline is cut down to here and that generous visual slice of my G-cup breasts will distract everyone from the rest of my figure.  There’s a chance they will look and see my legs which are, knees-up, a disaster, but knees-down, actually quite fabulous. (Fat chicks who walk a lot always have good calves. We haul around a lot of weight.)

Happily, The Husband thinks I’m sexy regardless.

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  1. July 7, 2007 at 3:44 pm

    I will admit I dont want to diet or excercise, but want to lose weight. I try to watch the portions I eat, but what do you do when you are still hungry? My size 12’s get loose, but never down to a lower a size.

    But there was a shining moment yesterday when I recieved a smaller swimsuit from Lands End. Not only did it fit, but it looked way better than the one that was bigger. Color me very happy. I will never be 100 lbs, again, but I do try very hard to buy clothes that make my shape look it’s best. I am only 4’11, so not an out of this world weight.

    I am not sure, but your daughter is not even 2 yrs old, yet? You might be surprised at how your body might still change. I dont know if you breastfed, but when I weaned I was amazed at how my body changed even up to about a year later. And I have started noticing how beautiful some people are no matter how much weight they carry. Good Luck and not only does your husband find you irrestible, but so does your daughter.

  2. C'tina
    July 8, 2007 at 10:02 pm

    ..I wrote a post that ended with…”I’m in moderately good shape”..and it dissapeared…So, to back up, I’m 39 and it pisses me off that as we age our ability to burn calories lessens as we age..so I’m getting a jump start….and it’s hard…and people who are bigger, damn, I give it to them in a way…it’s a lot of work to carry around extra weight! So when I see a heavier chick in exercise class, I’m thinking “YOU GO GIRL!!” because tending to kids and family and self is a lot, and it’s so easy not to make time for yourself, when you have someone asking you for something every 2 minutes, and that’s just the husband, LOL…do what you can for healths sake, cause for looks…it takes too long to see results..but for health, you feel better almost immediately, and the rest will come…

  3. C'tina
    July 8, 2007 at 10:13 pm

    “and the rest will come” means the clothes size dropping…but energy? I have not seen an increase in energy…I still could sleep 10-11 hrs a day…all thyroid, iron levels are ok..I’ve just always required lots of sleep…it’s irritating. Oh and the facial hair!? WTF is up with getting whiskers on my chin at age 39? Not extra peach fuzz, but black wiry hairs…just two or three, but, c’mom! Enjoy your youth ladies…

  4. July 15, 2007 at 1:36 am

    Weight Watchers. Seriously. Nothing is off limits. You can plan in your favorite treats as part of your regular eating. I would save all my flex points for the weekend and act like I wasn’t on a diet. I could never do a diet that banned certain foods.

  5. ruready4me
    July 18, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    I was tag surfing and came across your entry. I have a best freind that has always been heavier than me (well for her height anyway…she’s 6′). She was diagnosed with diabetes and had to lose weight. Well, don’t you know she’s even more gorgeous now. What really sucks is that I have gained 50 pounds at 5’0″. I love my girl to death, but I really do not like being around her, because I’m embarrassed of the way I look! Well, just wanted to introduce myself, and let you know that I have bookmarked your diary, if that’s ok. See ya!

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