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Cranky and sunburnt

I got sunburn on Friday. It was a good day at the beach, but I missed a bit on my back and got sunburn bad enough to blister. The Husband missed the tops of his feet and also got blistered.

Then Saturday, he fell and hurt his arm. Badly. He can’t lift his elbow.  At all. We’ve been to the ER, X-Rays, an orthopedist, he’s at an MRI now (at 10:15 pm!), another appointment tomorrow morning, and maybe surgery. All because he played kickball.

You ever try to pick up a kid without moving your elbow above your waist? Suddenly I’m the main caretaker in the house even when The Husband is home. And I can’t wear a bra because the damned burn is right where the bra strap is.

(You may think that’s small potatoes, compared to everything else, but I’ve got G cups. Not a typo, G cups. Like “Golly, gosh, gee willikers, goodness gracious, those are great ginormous  ga-ga huge boobs!” I haven’t been out of the house without some support in 20 years. I mean, I’ve gone out without panties plenty of times, but not without a bra.)

And, of course, all The Grandparents have decided this is a good time to call and say things like, “It’s been so long since I saw The Child that she’s going to forget who I am,” and other guilt trippy tings. Oh, and The Cat’s cancer probably has come back. He’s puking everywhere again. And The Child isn’t sleeping well, of course. Which means no one is sleeping well.

So I’m cranky and pissy and the skin on my back is scaly and bubbled and peeling off in big sheets, like a house that’s been in the sun too long.

  1. karriew
    July 20, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    Ouch all around. Do you have any old tanks with the built in bra? Tube tops? LOL

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