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Happy thoughts

I spend too much of my time complaining. In fact, after the fight with my mom Sunday, I’ve spent much of the past 36 hours walking around muttering arguments (both sides!) to myself until people started looking at me like I’m one of those wacky bag ladies that live outside Harvard Sq., and you can see them thinking, “Should she have a child with her, in a state like that?”

So I’m having a Determinedly Happy Day. I have DHDs periodically and usually I just need a will to do so. Today I need a little inspiration. (The Child and sleeping, not so much.) So I’ve decided to list 10 things I’m happy about, mostly things about the neighborhood I live in.

  1. My local library’s children’s room librarian is falling in love! A– is a middle-aged woman of a certain class indiginous to New England; she became a librarian because she’s from a family where women, if they work at all, become librarians or teachers. She’s short, about 5 feet, and more than a little chunky, and has a squeaking voice with a lisp. She’s fantastic, I love her to death.  She met a guy online and they have spent every weekend together. Every week I go for story hour for The Child and get a mini update on how things are going with them. They went to Dali for dinner this weekend! It’s like a soap opera.
  2. My baristas at the local Starbucks noticed The Husband and I hadn’t been in for a while (shoulder surgery) and asked one of our friends about us.
  3. I came up with a really cool design for a quilt for my Mother-In-Law’s partner and it’s something I think I can actually make (if and when I get a sewing machine for my birthday next week).
  4. Burdick’s in Harvard Square will be re-opening soon — maybe two weeks.
  5. There’s a clutch of old Chinese ladies who go to the local park at about the same time I do.  They take care of what I assume to be their granddaughters and spend time gossiping in Mandarin and playing with the girls and whatnot. For the most part, they are all built along the elegant, attenuated lines — those graceful and ageless Asian women who just get more regal as they get older. But there’s one grandma — her granddaughter is maybe 6, a bit older than the others who are toddlers — who comes and spend hours playing basketball. She’s terrible at it — throws the ball in an underhand scoop and misses most of the time. But she never gives up, never gets frustrated, never even looks away from her game.
  6. My pediatrician recently switched genders and apparently didn’t lose any customers because of it.
  7. There were seventeen different Harry Potter parties in my general vicinity two weeks ago.
  8. The same park where the old Chinese lady plays ball is the location of a weekly neighborhood pot luck dinner every Thursday night. How cool is that in a city?
  9. The Husband and I just discovered that one of the garages behind us has a space open to rent for only $100/mo., which means we’ll actually save money each month because we won’t get anymore parking tickets!
  10. The Best Friend is going to the World of Warcraft Convention on Thursday.  Alas, she will not be entering the costume contest.

Okay, I feel more cheerful now. Thinking happy thoughts.

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  1. August 1, 2007 at 3:33 pm

    Ugh, I should do one of these today. I’m in a serious funk and the wee ones have been whining all day. I’d take them out for a change of scenery, but the thought of spending 20 minutes negotiating my 3 yr old into clothes and out the door makes me want to cry.

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