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Further gross

The Child discovered her belly button early in the summer. It was the first time in her life she wore shirts instead of onsies and wow, hey, look at that fun thing in the middle of my belly! What’s more, she’s an outie. Even more fun to explore!

But she’s had several months to get used to it now and I was hoping she would stop spending so much time with her finger jammed in there. What’s more, she’s begun sticking her finger in my belly button when we’re nursing at night!

And, here’s the gross part, I don’t know if you’ve ever stuck your finger in your belly button but it stinks in there. It’s a kinda funky murky odor. And she often smells like that now.

I’m trying to wash her hands more often. I should be givinger her baths more often but she hates baths like a cat. She will take showers but only with The Husband. (With me she tries to nurse and holding onto a slippery wet baby while she’s trying to latch onto my breast, and occasionally succeeding but only when she uses her teeth!, is nigh impossible.) And, of course, The Husband is one-armed until his p.t. makes him better. So she’s only getting showers twice a week or so. That’s about as often as I can tolerate the screaming howling banshee sonic attack of Bath Baby!

Short of putting a band aid over her belly button, which seems to me somehow Victorian and puritanical, I can’t figure out how to stop her hand from smelling gross.

No one told me motherhood would be like this.

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  1. C'tina
    August 24, 2007 at 8:41 pm

    oh my that story for all it’s ‘grossness’ is adorable. Perhaps get your husband to show her how to smear a little soap on her belly button then rinse it off, heck, find a way to let her clean yours, when she wants to stick her finger in your belly button tell her in a sing song voice “only when we clean”. Oh..bath time could center around belly button cleaning..maybe she’d forget to act like a cat? Either way, there are worse habits, she could be picking her nose or butt.

  2. C'tina
    August 25, 2007 at 7:23 pm

    …or picking her butt–then your belly button….imagine that odor….

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