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Dumb-ass parenting books

So this did not happen to me. It happened to one of the moms in my Wed. morning playgroup. She was on the playground and got pulled into this conversation with two parents. They were talking about this new study or book or parenting ideal or something that says you don’t have to entertain your kids all the time. It’s okay to let them play by themselves! They can be left to learn and discover things… on their own!

“I wish someone had told me that from when she was born,” my friend quoted one of the moms. “Because I’ve been trying to entertain him all the time and it’s driving me crazy!”

Seriously? This is something you needed to be told? You needed a book to know this? It’s not just… common sense?

I swear to god, there should be a test before you can become a parent.

Of course, I got into a conversation on the playground yesterday — about sleep and the lack thereof — and I’m sure the two parents I had the talk with are at home telling their spouses “Wow, I met this crazy lady today….”

It was a dad with a 9-month-old and a mom with her 14-month-old. (They didn’t seem to know each other, just playground chatting.) They were talking about the fact that their children wake up at least once during the night!

“You’re lucky,” I tossed in. “Mine wakes up at least four times. Sometimes she doesn’t seem to sleep at all unless she’s nursing.”

“God, you must fall asleep in the chair!” gasps the (still nursing but considering weaning) mom.

“Oh, we’re co-sleeping, so I do fall asleep, just in bed. It’s just not as comfortable as sleeping without her nursing.”

Long moment of silence. The mom looks at the dad and they say things with their eyes.

“So, you think the Sox will make it to the playoffs?” riffs the dad.

Yup. I’m someone else’s “crazy mom” blog entry.

Go Sox!

  1. September 27, 2007 at 9:42 am

    Go Crazy Moms!!!

    We took M to a playground early yesterday morning. One of the Original Sanctimommies was there, but the worst was the Pententios Prick Dad. He only speaks in soothing tones, and keeps up a running, moronic sing-songy commentary for all of his son’s play, while wearing a newborn in a sling. “We driving on the bus! We’re driving on the bus! Can YOU drive the bus, M? Beep, beep. ”

    Of course, M likes to throw massive tantrums in his presence and grabs his kids toys.(Yesterday it was balls, even though M had both a soccer ball and a basketball with him) Which means I get firm. And then follow through on my threat to leave, with both of the Perfect Parents chirping “Oh, poor M. M is leaving the playground now. Can you say good bye to M? We’re all waving good bye, we’re all waving goodbye!”

    I almost snapped yesterday. But I was heartened that James was actually there to see these kinds of parents in action, so at least someone would know I am not exaggerating.

  2. September 27, 2007 at 9:44 am

    To clarify PPD has a preschooler and a newborn. He’s SuperDad.


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