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Totally unrelated to motherhood

cptjackBecause sometimes even moms get to watch TV.

Is anyone else watching Doctor Who and Torchwood? I’m a geek and I watch all the sci-fi shows that don’t suck. But it took me a while to get into Doctor Who. And then I developed a crush on Captain Jack Harkness. (Not, mind you, on the actor. On the character, see left. Not that the actor isn’t hot, but he doesn’t ring my bells without Jack’s smirk.) So now I’m hooked on Torchwood, too.

It’s weird the way that crushes develop in the world of fiction. Sometimes it’s the actor — I had a thing for Vin Diesel of all people during my whole pregnancy. Sometimes it’s the character — Angel on Buffy, but assuredly not David Boreanz, certainly not his irritating character on Bones. I’ve got a thing for Ramses from the Amelia Peabody books, which was very uncomfortable when I went back and read the earlier ones where he’s a precocious 5 year old brat. Also, I kinda have a thing for his dad, Emerson, too.

Sometimes I think it’s just a crush on the situation that the character/actor reminds you of. The great overwrought melodrama of high school love sucked irredemably while I was in it. But watching it on Buffy took out all the uncomfortable crap and made it romantic, somehow.

A lot of my crushes tend to be centered around the Pulp Era — between WWI and WWII, when men had cleft chins, fists of steel, and a tendency to purple prose. Women were dames in pencil skirts with stalwart hearts that beat beneath torpedo breasts. Captain Jack, Ramses, and Emerson all recall that era. Vin Deisel is a two-fisted hero, a direct line of descent from the pulps.

I suppose what I like about the pulps is that everything is… simple. Yes, you may be left dangling off a cliff, but, while climbing up a cliff may be difficult, it’s straightforward. There’s no question of should you do it? Is it morally wrong to do it? There are no dishes to wash after doing it. Bad guys are easy to spot and heroes always arrive in time. What’s more, it’s thrilling. There’s always something exotic, unusual, downright weird happening.

Today is Tuesday. I got up, made lunch for The Husband (the same lunch he takes every day), breakfast for the family (the same breakfast we eat every day). I unloaded the dishwasher, made the bed, took a shower, watched “Simply Quilts,” walked to Starbucks, got my usual, went to the library for story hour, came home, had a leftovers for lunch, nursed The Child to nap, and now I’m writing on the blog.

That could be a description of every Tuesday for the last four months and for the next three months. Routine, ritual, and consistency are good for a child. I don’t mind. But it ain’t sexy.

But you damned well know that Captain Jack Harkness isn’t having the same thing for dinner tonight. I guess that’s where some of the crush is coming from.

Plus, you know, he’s got a great ass.

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  1. October 3, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    We have’t started Torchwood yet, but we’re almost finished with Season 2 of Dr Who… which means we’ll have to wait till the next one gets released! Lots of fun. I know what you mean about role vs. actor – I had quite the crush on Fox Mulder for a while, but always thought David Duchovny was kind of a dork.

  2. October 3, 2007 at 8:52 pm

    The tattooed guy on Prison Break. Totally the character, not the actor.

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