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I may have to kill my cat

So I love my cat. He’s dying of cancer and sweet and he loves me and he’s beautiful and I’ve had him since well before I met The Husband.

But he’s got this habit of walking into the room, just as The Child is about to doze off, and meowing. Which wakes up The Child, naturally.

H doesn’t do this every night. Mostly on nights when I’m already gritting my teeth. Like say, on a rainy night when I had to drive The Husband to fucking Arlington (I hate Arlington) and of course the traffic meant I didn’t get home until after 7:30. The Child usually is asleep by 7:30, but I had to run this errand and was hoping she’d fall asleep in the car. No joy. She was awake and wanted to play when I got home. I nursed her and sang and tried to imitate The Husband, who usually puts The Child to sleep nowadays, and her eyes would flutter and… MEOW. Wide awake.

Nurse. Sing. Did I mention I’ve got bronchitis and singing is painful on my throat? Eye-lids droop, close, twitch…. MEOW. 

Nurse. Sing.  How many choruses of “Working on the Railroad” can one woman take? Switch to “If I Had a Hammer.” Put her down. She tosses and turns and… MEOW.

The last time I turned and snarled “I’m going to turn you into earmuffs, you stupid little monster.”

I’m a bad cat mommy.

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