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Perspective check

So I’ve got bronchitis. My mother is coming to visit tomorrow. It’s rainy. Dr. Who is off the air until next year. I’m a little cranky. Not awfully cranky, but a little snappy.

Then The Fates send down one of those big flashing neon signs that says “Stop yer bitchin.”

The park that I go to with The Child is the favorite haunt of the local nannies. (I don’t know where the moms go. To Gymboree, maybe?) I’ve gotten to know them at least in passing, sometimes pretty well. There’s one nanny-boy dyad that we see almost every day. She speaks mostly Russian and the little boy (Max) is sweet and well mannered. They always say Hi and wave and are generally friendly.

Today the nanny and I started chatting. It was mostly broken, her English is poor, though way better than my (nonexistent) Russian.  It took a while but I managed to garner some information.

She’s a pediatrician. A fucking doctor. But now she’s a nanny making what has to be only slightly more than minimum wage.  For 30 years, she practiced medicine. Now, she’s in America and making jack shit and happy about it. Her son and grandson are in Russia still, “Ees problem,” she kept saying. “Ees bad economical, problem. My grandson, he ees…” and she would run her hands down her cheeks. Took me a while to figure out she was miming tears. “Russia ees… problem. Problem problem problem. America is comfort. Comfort house, yard, garden even! I have two months vacation, go back, try to help. Ees problem. Happy America.”

Then she said “I look at you and your girl. Your husband, is good?” and waved her hand around her face and made a muscle with her arm. “He is,” I nodded… then got her meaning. “Yes, he’s very handsome and strong.” She nodded. She touched my cheek. “I see your face, your happy mouth,  I t’ink, ‘that is happy woman.’ Must have good husband.”

Yah. I’ll stop my bitchin.

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  1. bianca bean
    October 13, 2007 at 1:22 pm

    Wow. That was one hell of a conversation.

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