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Bathroom humor

So, though The Child is only 21 months old, she has apparently discovered the joys of bathroom humor. When she farts, she laughs. Loud and long. And then she grabs her butt and farts on her hand.

If I fart, she falls down laughing and grabs my butt and laughs more. Even the word “Fart” can make her crack up.
Burping: Also hilarious.

I’m not sure but I shouldn’t blame the BFF. She was over on Friday helping me out by watching The Child while I worked feverishly on finishing M’s birthday present and that’s when this behavior started. I wasn’t in the room. Now, The BFF is a refined lady, with a very particular sense of delicacy, so I can’t imagine that she initiated this.

And yet, it’s a totally new behavior.

I thought this was one fo the things I’d get to avoid by having a girl? I know that’s sexist, but really, little girls don’t usually get into fart=funny. And isn’t it a little early — I thought bathroom humor was when they turned 8 or 15 or something.

Sigh. Motherhood is a blessing.

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  1. October 18, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    My 22-year-old brother taught Zag the word “boogie” (as in, what you dig out of your nose) while he was here this summer. It wouldn’t have been my vocabulary choice, but I have to admit it’s kind of handy to have him have a word to explain what he’s got on his finger that’s troubling him…

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