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I got my period! YAY!

Doing the “I’m not pregnant” happy dance.

The Husband and I decided, somewhere about the seventh time I threw up one day in my eighth month, that we were having one child only. “One and done!” There are many high-minded reasons for this — ecologically, kids are worse than SUVs, there’s a population problem, all kinds of good reasons.

Really, I just don’t want to puke for another nine month. Plus the gestational diabetes… ick.

The Husband doesn’t want to watch me go through pregnancy and labor again.

And kids are expensive!

So we were going to get him snipped this fall. But hey! He had surgery on his shoulder, so we delayed it. And condoms work just fine.  But this month I was tired and my stomach was tricksy and I was tired and I had weird twinges in my uterus area and I was tired. Most of what I remember from my first trimester (both with The Child and The Miscarriage) was the sheer exhaustion. Taking a shower made me sit down and rest for half an hour.

I didn’t notice a broken condom this month and we didn’t do anything without a condom, but the feeling was so similar I couldn’t help but think… had the condom had a hole in it?

I was actually worried enough that I planned to pick up a pee test today.

But I didn’t have to! Cause I got my period.

Hot fucking damn.

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  1. karriew
    October 28, 2007 at 12:35 pm

    Thank FSM!

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