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It’s snowing! Hip hip hooray!

I planned to write about the Holiday Clusterfuck. It’s insane this year and I’m cranky about it.

But then it started to snow.

I love the snow. I love the softness of the silence and the skirling eddies when the cars drive by. (I love getting to use the word “skirl”.) I love the smell — clean and cold and somehow hopeful. And the way that people act during the first snow, kind and filled with smiles and wonder. I love the calmness that snow creates, the waiting stillness.

Normally The Husband and I would take a walk in the gloaming (another fabulous word!) and laugh and watch the snow fall in the halo of the streetlights. We would hold hands and crunch down the bikepath and buy peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks and kiss in the shadows under the pine trees. But The Child is going to be asleep soon (please, please, please, let her be asleep soon!) and we can’t leave her. So we’ll sit and watch it from our window and try to be happy instead of cranky.

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