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I’m not horribly out of shape!

Okay, I am still overweight but I’ve always been strong and in good shape. Or so I thought until, for the past two months, I started dragging. Going out for a walk with The Child was exhausting. I’d be trudging up the steep hill to my apartment and barely able to push the stroller. I thought I was having a mono relapse from high school or maybe I’d gone into full blown diabetes or … I didn’t know what. I was worried though.

Then, today, I was running late and the bike store was finally open when I walked by. I popped in and asked them to inflate my stroller tires. The cold air makes them a little flat.

Oh dear god, suddenly, my stoller worked again. I could push it one handed, it manuevered without my hauling my whole weight on it.

I’m not horribly out of shape. I had flat tires! And when you’re pushing a 20 pound stroller with a 30-pound kid and 25 pounds of groceries, flat tires mean you’re shoving 75 pounds around  by main force.

I feel like dancing. What’s more, even after a morning walk, I have the energy to consider dancing. Hee.

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