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The Christmas jollies

For Christmas 2004, I had a miscarriage.

For Christmas 2005, I had a baby.

For Christmas 2006, I bought a house and moved. With a one-year-old.

Sometime around Dec. 23, 2006, I declared, “Next year, we’re going to have a Christmas without any major traumas or changes!”

Foolish mortal. The Husband has surgery on Wed. That said, however… It’s not so bad. Yeah, we’re broke but we can manage. Yeah, we’re tired, but nothing compared to last year this time. And it’s a minor surgery (ish). So when we bought our Christmas tree this morning and I spent the day in the kitchen making icebox cookies, cinnamon rolls, and caramels for the two Christmas parties we’re throwing… I felt Christmassy for the first time since, oh, I’d guess Dec. 26, 2003.

I’ve got carols on the playlist, the tree is lit (if totally undecorated), the room smells like pine, and I had egg nog today, along with a peppermint hot chocolate.

Two people we see once a week at our local breakfast joint both gave The Child gifts! Okay, another bleeping stuffed animal, but wasn’t that just lovely of them? I mean, I don’t even know these people’s last names and they gave her presents!

I still have some presents to buy. Anyone have any ideas what to get my dad and brother? And I’ve got to pick up some Legos for my nephews. But other than that and some wrapping and much cooking, I’m in hand. And it’s only Dec. 9. (before you start cursing me, let me tell you that prior to child, I always had all my shopping and wrapping done before Thanksgiving so this is really late for me.)

So, merry Christmas!

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