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They do this to me on purpose

Do you ever get the welt of your zipper caught in the teeth and jammed? Neither do I. At least not often. I remember doing so a lot when I was kid — a lot, a lot — but as I grew up, it happened less and less.

Since I was a kid in 70s, I figured it was all just crappily made clothes, you know?

Now I know it’s just kids’ clothes. Because every fucking time I zip up The Child, something gets caught, jammed, stuck, whatever. And I’m talking good clothes — I’m a bitch about clothing quality for just this sort of reason. LL Bean, Hanna Andersson, the good stuff. But still, every fucking time, I wind up wrestling with some sliver of fabric snagged in the fucking teeth.

I swear to gods, I am having flashbacks to Tot Lot.

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  1. January 17, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    And just today…I was fighting with a kid’s winter coat from Gap and kid’s raincoat from L.L. Bean.

    Just this very day–how coincidental to read this right now. I have never thought any more about zipper problems than “DAMN IT ALL TO HELL” (because it’s so very frustrating), but you’re right–it’s the kids’ clothes!

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