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Agnostic in Boston

So, it may shock some of you, but I’m a pretty opinionated person.

I like to think I’m not one of those people who has intractable and uninformed opinions, but if I know even a smidge about an issue, I usually have feelings about it. Often strong feelings. Often strong feelings expressed at a slightly impolite volume while walking down the street with a friend. I’m happy, thrilled even, to have someone who knows more (or thinks they do 😉 ) argue with me and I love to research the hell out of an issue, supporting or refining (or wholly changing) my opinion. But from baking bread to the Farm Bill, abortion and sex ed to this season’s hemlines, I usually have something to say on an issue.

Which is why, as Tsunami Tuesday thunders down into the Commonwealth, I’m shocked to find that I just don’t care who gets the nod.  I’m wholly without a give-a-damn. Pretty much my rallying cry is “Anyone but the Republicans.”

And even then, I’m not really all that charged up. Don’t get me wrong — there’s not a GOP candidate in the world I want in the White House — but the Bushies are leaving us with such a completely intractable mess that whomever inherits it will get blamed for the massive fall out. So if McCain or Mormon Boy wants to scoop up that pile of manuer while we incubate a more electable candidate, I’m not going to fash myself too greatly.

Which is why I was kinda psyched when I realized, last night, that I had an issue that I could make my litmus test. Hot damn! Now I could have an opinion. Kinda. It all comes down to the Farm Bill. As well as the candidate’s attitude towards the USDA and the FDA. As so often happens in my own little world, it all comes back to food.

So, uh, now I have to figure out where each of the candidates stands on the Farm Bill. Which is, pretty much, the most complex and nuanced and fucked up piece of legislation (outside of the Budget) to pass through our nation’s capitol. Well, won’t that be fun?

Maybe I’ll flip a coin.

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