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My daugher, a single mother already

So the other day, The Child was going through some complex and inexplicable verbal convolutions. Her name. The word Mommy. “Baby Doll,” which is her name for her baby doll (duh). We do this a lot — she’s very verbal but her pronunciation is imperfect, my hearing is lousy. So, we spend a lot of time in translation. It’s frustrating for both of us but when we figure it out, it’s wondermous. Finally, she resorted to pantomime: Pointing to me and then herself and then to the doll. I figured it out.

“Yes!”  I smiled. “I am your mommy. And you are the doll’s mommy!”

She smiled and said “Yay!” and we had a minor celebration. Then she frowned and looked at me, cuddled the doll to her chest and said, with the seriousness that only a toddler can muster, “Where is Baby Doll’s daddy?”


I thought about it. And thought. And thought. And …. uh….

“Hey! Look! It’s time for lunch. Do you want chicken pot pie!?”

I’m still trying to decide if I am lame mom for dodging the issue or clever mom for distracting her from something too complex for her brain. Or am I super-lame mom for not realizing there’s a very simple, honest, straightforward answer to this?

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