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I spent seven hours driving yesterday!

Easter happened to fall very near the Vernal Equinox, for which event I like to throw a little celebratory party. So it happened that, with six to feed on Saturday night, I couldn’t go down to my folks’ house and spend the night. (What they wanted, hinted, demanded.)

What’s more, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times, my mother and her housekeeping skills have caused me to have my first asthma attacks in nearly ten years. Even five minutes in my mom’s spare bedroom can make me wheeze and cough. No way in hell was I spending the night there again.

But, to make everyone happy, we had to hit two family units: mine and The Husband’s sister’s place where we would meet up with his mother, her wife, and her two parents. In order to do this with The Child’s nap schedule and make sure everyone got equal time, we had to wake up at 5 a.m. and be on the road by 6. Two hours down to Conn.

Everything actually went pretty well. No fights, only a few subtle digs about babka (don’t ask!). We ate lots of greasy gassy keilbasa, pierogi, babka, eggs, etc. The Child got PILES of Easter presents. Did you get Easter presents when you were a kid? I didn’t, I don’t think. We got a basket with some plastic crap in it, some candy, maybe an outfit, but not books and bubble wands and a whole basket of food and a suncatcher and stuffed bunnies and seven different outfits and a doll twice as big as The Child. And that was just my mom!

Then we put the sleeping child in the car and drove an hour to my sister in law’s house.

We showed up a little late to find her husband (of whom I’m not terribly fond) white lipped and angry. See, my mother-in-law likes to be early and really doesn’t get why it’s problematic for her to disregard invitation times. But she apparently showed up TWO HOURS EARLY to my s-i-l’s house. TWO HOURS. And then we were 45 minutes late. You can imagine how well behaved she was as she waited for her precious beautiful perfect adorable granddaughter.

This would have made me tear-my-hair-out livid, so I could sympathize with my brother in law. But since it didn’t happen to me, it was no big deal. Even better, because she had her ailing parents with her, she had to leave only two hours after we showed up and we got some nice down time with my s-i-l. We ate her salty mac-n-cheese and ham and hung out.

But then! Then! Then! Then we got in the car at 6:20 and I said to The Husband, “Look at that! I figured we wouldn’t get out of there until 7:30. We’ll be home in time to watch some TV.”

The Traffic Gods heard me and pointed and laughed and mocked.

Apparently, I don’t know how I didn’t know this, Easter traffic is like unto Thanksgiving traffic at the I-84 Sturbridge tolls. The child couldn’t sleep because of the stop-and-go traffic, we forgot her special cup, she screamed from Wallingford to Storrs.

It took us an hour just to get from the Connecticut border to the tolls. It was nail-biting driving the whole way and The Husband did it all — I’d forgotten my license at home. By the time we pulled into our garage, we were both so tired we were unsafe, it was 10:45, and we had to haul all those presents up the stairs along with a snoring toddler.

All of which, in combination with the of-so-healthful eating we did yesterday, caused The Husband to get very sick this morning after one bite of Cheerios.

I’m trying to figure out if we can skip Easter next year.

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