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“Look, sweetie, a bulldozer!”

The Child loves trucks. She has several truck books and can rattle off the names of them with a terrifying ease. When an excavator was working in Davis Square the other day, we stood on the sidewalk in the drizzle for fifteen minutes while she shouted orders at the driver. It was all she could talk about for days.

This morning, we got to see a mobile crane in action and I thought she was going to jackknife out of her car seat she was so excited. When we saw another one later on… well, it’s a banner day here in the Dark Side House.

Well, the other day we were walking down the bike path and I saw some construction guys doing their thing. “Look, sweetie, it’s a bulldozer!” I pointed out.

My darling, sweet, lisping little blond moppet looked at me with all the seriousness that only a toddler can muster and said, quite severely, “No, Mommy! It’s a backhoe!”

Categories: City mama, motherhood
  1. April 2, 2008 at 3:10 am

    Oh, I love it. That’s so adorable. I can just see you guys standing there watching the excavator.

    (And by the way, so much for gender stereotyping! Love that, too.)

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