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Feeling a little guilty here….

There’s a Slate article — a little callous, but interesting — about how the food crisis is affecting American middle-class foodies. About the crisis of $20/lb. buffo mozzarella and $22/lb. prosciutto di parma and how it’s affecting us. (I’m a foodie and proud of it.)

As I said, it’s a little callous. People are dying of starvation. Mothers are making decisions about which of their children gets food. There are food riots in more than 20 countries. And the experts say it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

(On a related note: I quailed to see the cover story on this month’s Saveur about the very best brown rice available, for premium price, at San Fransisco food markets. Just bad timing. Three months ago, it would have been perfect — with rice hoarding starting, it’s a little tacky.)

I also disagree with his basic thesis. Some foodies are still searching out the imported goods, the far-away ingredient, but the real foodies (like me!) are all hanging out on the locavore bandwagon. (You too should jump on the local food wagon — try eating local for the month of August! Join the local food movement and feel cool!)

But reading the article, there’s a line where he complains about $15/lb. wild ramps. And the first thing I thought was, “Where did he get ramps?! I can’t get ramps, not for any money. Damnit, where can I get ramps!”

Sigh. My social conscience whimpers in the corner.

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