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My kid, the genius… or something

Bragging on my kid here: Tuesday, not one but three people asked about The Child’s age. They all said, “She’s, what, four now?” One even said “five”. They all reacted with amazement when I said “two.”

One of them was a trained pediatrician turned nanny who takes care of a little boy only one month younger than The Child.

Now, I suspect that this isn’t because she’s really that advanced. I mean, she’s really verbal and really tall, but I don’t think she really looks four or five. However, when I put her hair up in braids (like I did for the first time Tuesday) and dress her in clothes that emphasize her slender height instead of her toddlery-tummy, then she looks a lot older.

Then, yesterday, visiting a friend, The Child grabbed my hand and said, “Mommy, Mommy, I drew M and A. Mommy, come see!” and I walked over and…. she had written her name! Seriously. Totally legibly and okay, backwards, but she did! She wrote her name!

I’m almost convinced it was deliberate and not just a happy coincidence. Almost.

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