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Two outta three ain’t bad

Someone once told me, “You can have it good. You can have it fast. You can have it cheap. You can have two of those. But you can’t have all three.”

It’s the truth, especially when it comes to food. And since “good” encompasses taste, healthfulness, and … umm…. environmentally soundness … and because we don’t have much cash, I’ve chosen to ditch “fast.” My food requires time, even if it’s just forethought enough to toss the beans into soak the night before.

My shopping, too, requires time. CSAs, farmer’s markets, small local purveyors that only sell out of their backyards…. these take time to track down, time to get to, time to take the raw foodstuffs and turn them into food. And I’m okay with that. Those are my values and my priorities.

What pisses me the fuck off is when a purveyor goes out of its way to make my life harder and more complicated and more time consuming.

Which is why I’m pissed off at Trader Joe’s.

I was there a while ago and needed to pick up some olive oil. (I know that olive oil isn’t local but I’m not a hard-core purist. Just a firm-core purist.) Anyway, when I’m buying something at a new store, I don’t check out the price but the price-per-unit. The law requires a price-per-unit in order to make comparisons between different size containers easier, right? A savvy shopper can compare and choose without deceptive packaging getting int eh way, right?

Well, TJ’s has gotten around that by changing up the units. I saw “per gallon”, “per liter”, “per ounce” (weight or volume?), and “per pound” all on the same shelf. I don’t know the specific gravity of olive oil to do the conversion from pounds to gallons, much less to do liters to ounces! It would have taken me half an hour with a calculator to do the damned math.

All this obfuscation to make sure that those of us who care enough to do the math aren’t able to. That’s just mean spirited. Grumble grumble grumble…..

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