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That was really easy

You know how most of bureaucratic life is a soul-killing struggle, a morass of form, phone calls, lines, waiting, difficulty? You know how dealing with bills, paper work, corporate phone trees, can all make you want to scream?

That’s not what this is about.

I have a deaf friend. She’s not all deaf, but deaf enough that I won’t call her because that means shouting into a cell phone and still not getting heard. So we text and then hang out. The BFF is text happy in the extreme. This is fine, but my texting prices just went up — a lot. I’ve been meaning to call to ask the nice people at Verizon to sell me a package, but I’ll admit I’ve been putting it off because I figured it would be tedious, frustrating, and I’d walk away sure I’d been reamed.

Verizon just called me. They said, you’re doing a lot of texting. Can we sell you a apackage? I said, what’s the smalled package? They said $5 for 250 pics and texts. (That’s about 10 times what I do in a month. For about half the price I’m paying for my measly 20 messages right now!) I said, Sure! She read my name and address and phone number and said bye and it took longer to type this up than it did to make the transaction.

It’s nice when something makes your life easier. Rare, but lovely. I just thought I’d share.

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