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Oh, this is very bad

The Child has just, moments ago, declared from her darkened crib, “I’m hungry.”

This is the third night in a row she’s done this. This is bad.

We feed her, I swear we do. Usually she eats pretty well but lately the dinner thing is a little harder — she declares she’s done or she’s not hungry. Then we begin the bedtime ritual and she demands food… usually right before we’re about to close the door and say “good night.”

If I thought it was just manipulation, I’d tell her to deal. But she’s an active kid and the no-eating at supper time means she might be hungry. And while I might consider saying, “well, you didn’t eat, so I’m sorry,” she is already getting up at 5 fucking a.m. I don’t want her waking up at 4 because she’s starved.

Sigh. This is a problem.

  1. May 23, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    it will pass. feed her. my kids did that, it lasted maybe 2 weeks each time while they were goint throug some growht spurt or internal rearrangement. and then we were all fine.

    besides, if you DON’T feed her you will torment yourself that she’s hungry. and crying. and lonely.

    when she is a teenager and comes home at 1 am, you will make her pancakes and be grateful that she is home and wants you, needs you to feed and nurture her.

    so do it now. set the wheels in motion.

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