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Two hours later

It’s my own fault.

She’s always gone down to nap on the breast. The Husband can get her to go down and my folks allegedly this weekend got her to go to sleep without oo much bother, but she’s always needed the breast to nap for me.

So of course today — the first day of post-weaning when I was the one to put her down — it was awful. She hasn’t actually asked to nurse — “Boppy” — before today. But today it was “I want to boppy. Boppy boppy boooooopppppiieee!” It was squirming and crying and demanding everything except what she had right then.

Finally, for the fifth or seventh time, I scooped her up and held her like a tiny baby and rocked her and sang “Rise and Shine” and she started to nod off and then would wake up, “Want up in your laaaap!”

“You’re in my lap, sweetie.”

“Lap, lap, I want your lap!”

Fade. Fade. Jerk awake. “Want chair! Chair in living room!”

“No sweetie,” sing.

“Yes! Not no! Yes!” (Pretty good logic there.)

Finally, after two hours, she fell asleep. I put her on the floor rather than risk her waking up while I put her in the crib. I haven’t eaten lunch yet and haven’t started dinner yet. There’s a chance we’re doing ‘za tonight because I’m just exhausted.

And my boobs still feel like they are going to POP.

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