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Shoulda seen that one coming

I made The Child lunch today. She prefers her sandwiches deconstructed so the plate contained: turkey in strips, grated carrots, a slice of wheat bread, and a small splortch of mayo because she likes to dip her turkey in something and I didn’t have any avocados today. She’s never really had mayo before, but I figured it’s what I like on my turkey so….

She climbed into the chair while I puttered around making myself a drink and snack.

When I came back in, she had the spoon in her mouth and was demanding “More, mommy! I want more, please!”

“More what?” I looked at the plate. The turkey strips were undisturbed, the slice of bread had no bite marks, even the carrots were in the same fluffy pile I’d left them. Then I looked at the smear on her chin — it was white and glistening.

“More mayo, Mommy! Please!”

She’d eaten it all with a spoon.


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  1. June 2, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    We made that mistake with Ketchup..my boys now think their bodies will reject any food substances not first dipped in ketchup.. If I had known that ketchup was like 50% corn syrup and 40% sugar and 10% unhealthy red dye I would have avoided the whole damn thing..but that’s motherhood.

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