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Weaning… pros and cons

Okay, so the Child’s last nursing was… sixteen days ago. I have a few thoughts on the process of weaning. Things I would have liked it if someone had mentioned them to me.

Of course, since every woman, body, baby, pregnancy, is different, there’s a better than average chance that these thing just affected me.

  • When do I stop lactating? It’s been two-plus weeks. And yet, when I press on my breasts, out comes milk. Not little dainty drops, either. No. Big toddler-sized gulps.
  • Hey! That postpartum hair falling out thing is back! My shower drain looks like we’ve shaving Cousin It in there.
  • CAFFEINE! I can have CAFFEINE again! I’ve been drinking those ginormous Starbucks cups full of barely sweetened iced black tea. I can go a all the way between breakfast and lunch without eating! I hope this will translate into weight loss at some point. (My friend who weaned at the same time said that ten pounds just disappeared. That shit never happens to me!.)
  • DRUGS! I can take DRUGS again! Oh, sweet sweet Sudafed, little red pills of happiness! My head is slowly starting to unclog. I can hear sometimes, even! Okay, I have to have my driver’s lisence scanned to buy the stuff (when did that happen?) but it’s a miracle.
  • Weirdly, I’m drinking more water than I was when I was nursing. This is because of the Sudafed, I’m sure. Makes my mouth bone dry all the time.
  • Naps are a revelation. I no long have to be the one to put her down. Huzzah!
  • Naps are (sometimes) a nightmare as she demands to nurse — much less frequently this week, but if she’s tired she might still melt down.
  • Oh my God! My first post-weaning period was like getting hit with a two-by-four in the uterus. And the back. And the legs. And the ass. I was drained, bloated, crampy, cranky, weepy, and bled like a stuck pig. It was among the worst periods of my life, and that includes the one after the miscarriage.
  • Hey! My libido is back. Nice to see you, libido. Missed you.
  • The Husband is now the Preferred Parent, I suspect because she’s a little pissed at me for taking away the milk bar. She wants him to read her a book, to hold his hand when we walk down the street, she wants him to come to her when she’s upset. This is actually a Pro rather than a Con. I know that my sister-in-law had a broken heart when that happened but frankly, it’s a nice feeling not to be the center of her universe.
  • I miss nursing as a comfort or tantrum-stopper for her. She fell and skinned her knee the other day and it was TRAGIC! TRAGIC! And all I wanted to do was hike up my shirt and make her feel better. I didn’t, but it was hard not to have that go-to for comforting her when she was upset.

On the whole, I’m happier to be weaned. But my breasts ache sometimes. And so does my heart.


  1. June 9, 2008 at 2:22 am

    Wait…I wasn’t supposed to be downing Sudafeds with Lattes whilst nursing? ;P

    I’ll have to get back to you on a lot of these symptoms when I stop the second time, which hopefully will not be while I am pregnant. ‘Cause I didn’t have the leakage or the hair troubles or the libido stuff…but yeah, everyone’s different I suppose.

    I second the naps/comforting chaos, however.

  2. June 9, 2008 at 3:53 am

    i have 3 girls, now ages 18, 15 and 7. the 7 year old was weaned at age 3. so she has been OFF longer than she was ON. and she still bitches about wanting ‘mama’s milkies’
    i had no problems with my period or excessive milk with any of them BUT i never had cramps and i weaned them each gradually, over 2 months, cutting back and cutting back. i leaked milk for about a month after.
    i took whatever drugs the doctor said was OK. including aspirin, pennicillon and allergy pills (perscription)
    libido was back full force 8 weeks postpartum but i’m always ‘on’ orgasms are my stress relief. i need LOTS of them.
    yeah my hair fell out. and the extrue changed. when i weaed my youngest, my hair went from bone straight to CURLY!! which thrlls me, i love curly hair

    good luck, darling!

    ps: you want one kid, you stick to your decision. DO NOT LET ANYONE BULLY YOU INTO HAVING MORE!
    especially your mom.

  3. aguane
    June 13, 2008 at 11:52 am

    I still had milk (not big toddler size drops but small occasionally surprising me drops) 8 months after I weaned.
    The worst post weaning experience for me was when my son leaned over to me and cried out “miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilk” It broke my heart.
    I went through the hair loss thing again as well.
    I totally feel for you on the tantrum stopping / comforting powers of milk. I think that was what I missed most at first.
    Later I missed the coos and happy milk drinking sounds but that wasn’t until I saw a friend nursing her own daughter.
    I went on depo right after the pregnancy and it didn’t fully leave my system until after he’d been weaned for quite a few months so I didn’t experience the cramping/period at the same time as weaning.

    Transitions are tough.

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