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Cautiously optomistic about poop

Since last weekend was the last weekend we’ll be traveling this summer (if I can help it) and it’s now regularly warm enough for bare bottoms around the apartment, we’re embarking on potty training this week.

So far it’s been a moderate success. I decided to forgo any pretension at the attachment parenting type of potty training and go straight for incentives. I told The Child that she could pick out any special treat she wanted and she could have some when she peed or pooped in the potty. I offered candy, chocolate, cookies… whatever. I was willing to abandon my no-sweets rule with unseemly ease in order to get this over with quickly.

She picked Goldfish.

So far, she’s gotten them twice. A small handful for peeing in the potty yesterday. And a big bowl of them for pooping this morning. Happily, she’s a regular pooper and I know that the minute I turn on the water for the shower she’s going to go. So I just dropped her on the special seat and hadn’t even gotten my hair shampooed when she declared she was done and wanted her goldfish NOW.

So, wrapped in a towel, dripping water, shampoo sluicing into my eyes, I wiped her bottom and got her a big bowl of goldfish.

Since we’re out and about int he mornings, I figured we’d do the potty training in the afternoons for now. She’s just woken up so we’re about to begin day two. Wish me luck.

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