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Life: One damned thing after another

So a few months ago, The Husband had to pee a lot. And it hurt a little. So I sent him to the doctor (against his wishes, really) because a UTI can get nasty if left untreated. They gave him antibiotics, had him pee in a cup, and sent him home. It stopped hurting within 24 hours of the first pill.

Week later we got a call: the culture showed no infection. Probably nothing but he should see a urologist.

A month later, the urologist says it’s probably nothing but he should get a sonogram.

Three weeks later (glad this wasn’t urgent, you know?) he has a sonogram and guess what? He’s got an 8 mm kidney stone!

Now, it’s currently just sitting there, causing no harm, no pain, nothing. But he’s got a giant fucking kidney stone. (8 mm is a little bigger than a quarter of an inch. Imagine peeing out a jaggedy pebble as big around as your pinky finger.)

Sigh. I’d like the world to stop now for a few weeks so we can relax, please?

Oh. And my folks are coming tomorrow. Joy.

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