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Three hours, a cup of chocolate, and a croissant

The Husband, as it turns out, does NOT have an 8 mm kidney stone on his left side. He’s got a 3 mm stone on his right.

The size disparity isn’t surprising — apparently the CAT scan is much more accurate than the sonogram. We’re a little concerned about the sonogram tech’s dyslexia, but that’s not our problem. A 3 mm stone will probably pass with little to no discomfort, The Husband needs to stay very hydrated, and it will be fine.

Good news at last! Hallelujah!

Since The Husband took all of yesterday off, I left him with The Child at about 12:30 and went off for a little civilization. I hunkered down in Burdick’s cafe with an iced dark chocolate, a chocolate croissant, and a book and simply read for two hours. It was rainy and hushed, with only about four or five people inside the shop at any time, all conversations quiet enough that they didn’t bother me.

I nibbled the croissant slowly and sipped the chocolate even more slowly. I felt knots in my shoulders smooth out, lost myself in my book. If Burdick’s had slightly more comfortable chairs, I may have never left. (That’s probably why they have uncomfortable chairs, now that I think upon it.)

That’s all I need, I think, sometimes. A space of time to myself, of quiet, and a little affordable luxury. Hell, I didn’t even finish the whole chocolate. (The ice melted and it’s not the same all watered down.) And quiet. I’m a big talker — loud, fast, frequent — so sometimes it amazed me how much I crave quiet. And stillness.

And chocolate.

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  1. July 25, 2008 at 3:21 am

    Sounds like a wonderful couple of hours…

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