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Housekeeping tips for the childless

WARNING: If you’re a neat-nik, don’t read.

Sweeping, vacuuming, or wiping up spilled pasta on the floor is a sucker’s game. It just sticks, smears, slides. A broom will just smooosh it into streaks of pasty starch that dry to a glue-like consistency on your nice hardwood floors.

The easiest, best way to clean up the fists full of pasta that your toddler will manage to spill on the floor is to own a dog.

Barring that, the trick it to let it dry overnight. It turns back to it’s pre-cooked brittle form. It’s easily swept up just twelve hours later. 

Of course, you’ve got pasta (probably with sauce) all over your dining room and living room floor for 12 hours. If you’re a mom, you’re not likely to even notice. Just remember not to seve pasta before guests come. 

If you’re not a mom, this is so gross that you’re retching. My advice to you: Don’t have kids.

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