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Doll quilt swap

My creative plate is entirely full — I’ve got Christmas presents to make, a wedding present to start on (yeah, my brother’s wedding quilt is so not getting done on time), I’m taking a writing class, etc. And yet, for no reason other than I love the idea, I joined a doll quilt swap. 

I’ve never done anything like this at all. I’m not really a joiner. But, when I sometimes put a Flickr.com slideshow on just to get inspriation, the quilts I love best are the ones from this group, “Doll Quilt Swap.” Finally, i asked to be put on the list. And I just got my swapee. 

I’m very excited, and there was a bit of serendipity. I have a whole bunch of Kansas Troubles fabric in a very old-fashioned, almost Christmassy style. Happily, my swapee says she likes that style and it’s a quilt due on Dec. 1! I bought the fabric on a whim over a year ago — it’s luscious but not my style and not the style of anyone I know. So clearly I was just buying ahead! (I really love Kansas Troubles, for some reason. It’s very old-fashioned — almost reproduction — and totally not my usual style. But I find myself drooling over their colors.)

It’s also happy that she’s a very easy-going type because I’m still a rank amatuer at this and looking at some of the quilts on her site — ones she’s sent and ones that she’s received — I’m feeling like a tremendous novice. Applique is still black magic to me, and I find myself thrilled when my seams match up!

Anyway, I’ve got to start on dinner. And maybe iron some fo the fabric I’ve got.

  1. October 9, 2008 at 5:02 am

    don’t forget to preshrink! good luck, being creative is a life-saver.

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