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Grumble brumble plumbing bitch

Fucking pipes fucking overflowed and fucking soaked through the floor (but in a place we didn’t notice, so it kept doing that every time we ran water in the kitchen for something like 36 hours). The water has totally wrecked our neighbor’s bathroom. We really hope insurance covers this.

Dave, our condo manager, scared the crap out of us with the suggestion that our deductible might be $5k. That’s way more than we can afford right now. Our reserves are way way down and we’re still working on (very slowly) building them back up. We think our deductible is $250, but it’s hard to read the frigging policy. We’ve had the same policy for nearly 10 years so of course we don’t remember the little precsis that we got when we signed up.
Its terrifying to me how close we are to the edge. I mean, we are one of those families who has done everything right, economically. We bought a small crappy condo instead of a big nice one because we wanted to stay within our means. We’ve saved since the first day of our marriage, not just into a 401K but also into a general “house fund.” We put a HUGE deposit down. Well over 20 percent. 
We have worked HARD to be so good. We rarely take vacations. Our computer is 7 years old. I’ve worn the same coat for ten years, I have about three pair of shoes (that fit, anyway. Damned pregnancy!). We have, over the years, sacrificed a lot to make sure that we’ve got a nice cushion. 
Then we bought a place and we couldn’t put into the rainy day fund anymore. We figured once The Husband got the raise that was obviously coming, we could start again. And then, no raise. And then prices started going up and I switched to beans instead of meat and the prices kept going up and we started nibbling, a little here, a little there. And the cushion dwindled a bit. 
And one game of kickball shatters the Husband’s shoulder. And the insurance screwed up: oh, yeah, that doctor said he was in network but he wasn’t…. you’re screwed. And the bills that the insurance company does cover and we only have to pay a $15 or $30 deductible. But three P.T. visits a week, plus the doctor’s visits plus the meds plus the time off plus the gas for driving there…. it added up to a lot of money over the course of nine months. 
Now a badly installed pipe — the developers who flipped this place were egregious and the inspector was apparently incompentent — has wrecked our neighbor’s place. If our insurance dececides not to cover this for whatever reason, we’re simply screwed. 
We’ve got a plumber coming, got to call the insurnace company. I can’t do all of this and get the Child to preschool. So we have to weigh — which is worth more: The Husband’s carefully hoarded vacation time or The Child’s limited time at preschool? And what about the writing class I’m taking? 
We’ve never carried a blaance on our credit cards. We have no debt other than the mortgage. We’ve worked very hard and made a lot of sacrifices to do that. But becasue we have been doing everything right, we’re not getting bailed out. No one is going to renegotiate our mortgage — because we were smart enough to buy something we could afford. No one is going to cover any debts we rack up — because we have a good credit rating. 
It’s scary how close we are to the bone.
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  1. October 15, 2008 at 2:42 am

    Oh, god. I hope this works out. So, so unfair.

  2. karriew
    October 15, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    I hear you. And I’m here for you if you want to share a big pot of beans and rice or go crazy with my ‘bucks card some morning soon.

    If you’re ever in a bind for a ride or need other help with The Child, Auntie K is just down the street. E-mail me though since my cell is on the fritz. I keep hoping the damn thing doesn’t die.

  3. Matt Brock
    December 9, 2008 at 4:37 am

    I was looking for plumbing advice and found this blog entry (I told my downstairs neighbor to just come up, grab my gun, chamber a round, and put me out of my misery if I flood his place). I truly hope there’s some visible light ahead for you, even just a speck. I don’t understand why this shit happens to people, and where the grace is… not yet anyways. The longer I live the more I ponder at how any of us survive and still keep our soul. At any rate, I suppose if you’re continuing to breath, then I might as well too. All the best to you and yours.

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