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No! Nooooooo! No! Nonononononono! No! No. No. NO!

The local hardware/housewares store has CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UP!

Not just a few in the back, you know, that are always there. Not just a couple, shamefacedly lurking on the edges of the Halloween stuff. Nope. Two big fat decorated, lighted, bespangled Christmas trees right up there in the picture window.

There’s a lonely pumpkin keeping the faith on the window sill, but it’s outnumbered, outgunned, and outmanuevered. And it knows it. You can see it by the look on its face.

I understand the “logic” at play here. The retail numbers are dismal and the experts are predicting a yet-more-dismal Christmas shopping season. So the thinking seems to be: If we shove Christmas in everyone’s face longer they will shop more. And in the past, it’s worked. 

I don’t think it’s going to work this year. Eveyrone is tightening their belts and Christmas is the first thing to go. Myself, I’m going anti-consumer in my holiday approach and making edible gifts. Homemade cocoa mix with homemade marshmallows. My famous cream biscuits and a jar of homemade peach jam. Oatmeal waffle mix with homemade strawberry syrup. Homemade bread with homemade cheese and homemade onion jam. Even some quart Mason jars of nine bean soup with a mason jar of homemade crackers to go with.

Other folks are just cutting back. I think that the orgy of spending was making us all a little sick each year and that this is just the excuse we need to diet. I, myself, am looking foward to a a reduce holiday season. Last year we literally could not get into the living room. I mean that. LITERALLY. There were so many presents that, by the time everyone was done putting presents under the tree, the pile reached the door. 

It was gross. I mean… gross. I couldn’t help but look at the pile of stuff that, frankly, we didn’t need and didn’t WANT, and think, “There are families without food, heat, blankets. But by fucking God we’ve got FIFTEEN different dolls for The Child.”

I donated a lot. 

And others are cutting back. Drawing names. Only buying for the kids. Price limits. Whatever. I’m all for it.

And I’m seriously considering writing a stern note to the CEO of TAGS and telling them I won’t buy at their store as long as the Christmas stuff remain up. The only problem with that?

They sell the cheapest Mason jars in the area and I still need to put up about two dozen jars each of apple butter and cider jelly.

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