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Feeling very very old….

In a moment of epically bad timing, I discovered my first wrinkle on the same weekend that my baby brother got married.

It’s the best kind of a wrinkle — a smile wrinkle. And it’s actually a pair of them, but where my cheeks fold up when I grin. They are tiny but still noticable even after I’ve relaxed my face. I’m not really all that vain. I don’t wear make up or futz with “product”, I don’t even blow my hair dry most days. But one of the rare joys of being pudgy is that my face has always had that slightly babyish look. Even a few years ago, I got carded semi-occassionally. Since the arrival of The Kid, however, my skin looks like… well, like I spent three years not getting enough sleep. And now I’ve got a pair of wrinkles.

At least I got my first white hair over with years ago. I was 11 when I found my first one. Though I’ll admit they are showing up more and more lately.

And my baby brother isn’t all that baby. He’s 33. Hell, his best friend’s little brother is 30, which boggle my brain. Particularly because I haven’t seen the kid since he was a 14 year old punk and now he showed up at the wedding in a stunning suit looking like a male model! It’s hard to imagine that T’s kid brother, B., is HOT. And then the idea that my kid brother, my baby brother, my little brother, is married! He was the last of his friends to go to the altar, which somehow made it harder for me.

I feel really really old.

  1. K
    November 12, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    I think you are doing pretty darn good if your baby brother is 33 and you’re just now noticing a wrinkle. I can already see my crows feet forming and I’m not quite 30.

    I really belive the clique that womean get better with age (like a fine wine). I might have looked better at 20, but I wasn’t a better person. Enjoy the wisdom that comes with a little age.

  2. November 13, 2008 at 9:24 am

    i felt really old when i turned 40. not because i was 40, but because i was older than my brother would ever be (he died at age 39)

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