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Deep breathing, the crisis has passed

So, a few weeks ago, when I started my doll quilt, I picked what I thought were autumnal colors. I thought I would snap photos of the leaves that inspired me — the buff oak leaves in piles on the ground, the deep reds and burgandies of the London plane trees and the maples, even the green that still filled the trees. I planned to make a nine patch and put a bright blue sky on the back. October means blue skies to me.

Then I made the nine patches and they looked so Christmassy that, along with the Dec. 1 deadline, I decided to just embrace the accidental colors and go with a holiday-ish quilt. I picked up some nice buff fabric with deep green holly leaves and burdangy berries, added some green sashing and viola! A holiday quilt.

And then I thought how… arrogant that was. I celebrate Christmas on a secular level — Solstice is to me a much more spiritual day. What if my swapee didn’t celebrate Christmas?! What if she was Jewish or Hindu or Muslim? I’d been so swept up in the happy seredipity of the colors that I didn’t think! That’s not like me! Panic! PANIC! 

This, of course, occured to me just as I finished the piecework on the top. I would have to start all over again if …

I scanned her blog, quickly, clicking the “older posts” until I found! Yes! She celebrates Easter and Christmas! Huzzah!

Little happy dance!

Of course, in the process, I got to see a lot of her older quilts and the quilts that she’d gotten in past swaps. (I’d scanned her blog before but not a full year back.) And I feel a little sheepish. My little nine-patch is just so dull compared to the amazing and intricate quilts she’s done and received. This is only my fourth or fifth quilt, so I couldn’t pull off anything that was really complex — no grandmother’s flower gardens for me! — but I’m hopeful that she’s forgiving of my amatuerish skills.

And I’m reconsidering the whole muted autumnal pallate. I suddenly want to make a bright and beautiful quilt bursting with colors. Maybe next time.

Am I mad that I’m already thinking of next time?

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  1. November 13, 2008 at 9:25 am

    not crazy. just hooked. i go to quilt shows like going to a museum: i know i’ll never be that good, but i can look…

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