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When I’m bitch queen of the world

November has arrived and sucked all the color out of life. I love winter but late fall is a pall on the countryside with gray skies, black trees, dun leaves skirling around on faded grass. I’m sniffling and coughing and the Child is sniffling and coughing. The Husband is grouchy. The cat woke me up at 5 fucking a.m.

All of which is why I’m a little cranky today.

Plus, there’s the news. I know Obama was just elected president and there’s a small glimmer of hope on the horizon, but the news is just a relentless drumming on my head. Even when I turn off NPR, I can still hear the facts, the figures, the stories, bouncing aorund in my brain.

Do you know what the most common cause of death is for pregnant women? Murder by their partners.

Do you know what the most common cause of death is for transgendered people? Murder.

People in three states voted to revoke basic human rights from gay people last week.

Gitmo has existed for 7 years and we didn’t tear down the White House with our bare hands to stop it. We couldn’t. We would have gotten shot or hauled off or dissappeared or renditioned.  

The Supreme Court has just ruled that the Navy has more of a right to practice than the animals in the Pacific have to live.

Oil is going to run out in the next two decades. Our infrasctucture is collapsing. Our food systems are poinsoned and broken. The temperature is spiralling up. Our water and air are unhealthy. Google is better at tracking outbreaks of the flu than the CDC. We’ve killed more than 90 percent of the fish in the sea. 90 percent!

The White Power Brotherhood of Idiots is apparently excited that Obama got elected because it means they can take their race war public now.

It’s all exhausting.

And the thing is, some of the solutions are so obvious. I always like to say that it will be different when I’m the Bitch Queen of the World. 

And some of it will be. I can solves several problems with a few sweeping commands. I will fix the economy by making it a green economy. See? Simple! And it kills two birds with one stone. It’s a big challanege, but it’s just logistics and engineering. We have people for that, if we can just get past the stupid parochial politics.

We need to stop fishing. Period. For ten years, maybe 20. Yes, that puts lots of fishermen out of business, but they can go work in the Green Economy. If they don’t, there won’t be any fishing left to go back to.

But the other stuff…. even as Bitch Queen, I don’t know how to stop people from fearing pregnant women so much that they murder them. I don’t know how to stop violence against the trans community. I don’t know how to keep people from an irrational hatred of gays. (Though, to be fair,  William Saletan seems to have a good start on it. He’s a little more optomistic than I am, right now, though. I think people are too mule-blind dumb to be taught.)

I don’t know how to explain to Scary Christians that, for me at least, their Bible isn’t anything more than a book that contains some pretty poetry, some various philosophy, and some scary-ass parables. So when they want to pass laws based on that, it’s as if I’d decided that I was going to pass laws based on Shakespeare’s history plays.

I’ve given serious thought to declaring four countries — The Northeast, The South, Pacifica, and Idiot Land. Declare a six-month period of adjustment when everyone can move, then close off the borders and let the hate-filled bigots eat their own intestines.

Clearly I’m in a great mood today. I should just go read my papers for next week’s writing workshop and stop my blathering. Alas, The Ingenue is getting workshopped next week and I’m trying to come up with a polite way of saying, “maybe you should take high school writing classes again.” This isn’t the mood for that kind of diplomacy.

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  1. Juliet Bravo
    November 13, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    “Do you know what the most common cause of death is for pregnant women? Murder by their partners.” I don’t believe this is true. If it is based on the Salon article, the article says that it _may_ be the case that murder is the most common _pregnancy related_ cause of death of pregnant women, but that we don’t keep the statistics to prove it. Not that domestic abuse isn’t common, and I certainly want to raise awareness of it, but I don’t like fuzzy statistics.

  2. Juliet Bravo
    November 13, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    It is also not true that we have killed 90% of the fish in the sea. Scientists have reported, although it is a disputed study, that we have killed 90% of the large, predatory fish that we commonly eat, such as tuna.

    I’m sorry, I’m not a good person to rant at 😦 I’ll go away now.

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