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The Husband and The Kid are snoring

The Kid has a cold and can’t sleep unless she’s upright. The Husband is, as always, tired. It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon in November, with gray drizzel tip-tip-taping against the windows. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep — thanks to the cat, The Kid, The Kid’s cold, my own cold, and my baby brother’s wedding — in more than a week.

I want to sack out in my comfy big red chair, curl up with some terrible potboiler, read two chapters, then fall asleep.

Instead, I’ve got work to do. Boring work that brings in enough money to make up the difference between our intended budget and our actual budget. It’s a good job — very flexible, easy enough, pays great for the amount of time I invest — but it’s a little boring. I’m trying hard not to be resentful — it’s my own fault for not doing it during the week during The Child’s broken naps. 

And there are no sweets in the house. Not a one. Which is good — there was a Milanos incident on Thursday — but I really want a bit of chocolate.


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