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Thermodynamics… fail

The Child has a cold. I do, too, but I can dose myself into oblivion. The Child must go au natural and the post-nasal drip had her up all night, coughing, for about three nights. Finally, I solicited advice from everyone in the universe and decided to go with a one-two-three punch: a warm mist humidifier, Vicks VapoRub, and a small spoon of honey. 

The first night, it worked a treat. The second night she went down quick, but at about 10 woke up, fussing and coughing so hard that she was gagging. I stumbled into her room, barely awake (remember — I was drugged out on cough syrup) and picked her up until the gagging stopped. While I was holding her, a few thoughts slowly filtered through my hazy conciousness.

First, my feet were really cold!  Well, her room is small and on the north side and not well heated. That’s why we dress her so warmly. Still, you’d think that with the warm mist…

It was pretty warm in here, and really really humid.

Did she just drool on me? I felt a drop on my arm. And antoher. But her head is over here….

FInally, I put her down in my bed, propped up to abate the coughing, and went back into her room. Peering against the sudden light, the first thing I noticed was that the floor was cold because it was WET. So were the walls. Plop! Plop! I looked up and PLOP, right onto my nose.

It was raining in my daughter’s room.

I guess it had taken two days to get the humidity up to the right level and the temperature plummeted that night so the walls and ceiling were cold (her room is only nominally insulated). So two days of the vaporizer created an atmosphere that was warm enough and wet enough that when it hit those cold walls and ceiling… it started to rain. 

I spent half an hour balancing on a chair and mopping the wet off the ceiling with a towel tied around a broom head. Then I scrubbed the floor dry and changing her linens. Then I changed her slightly damp pajamas, coaxed some honey down her throat, and got her back down. 

Now we know to keep her bedroom door open when the vaporizer is on.

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