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Random acts of extraordinary kindness


I just got my doll quilt! From Carolyn in Mississippi and it’s stunning! Full of blues and greens with touches of red, it’s a single log cabin (courthouse steps?) rectangular block with an embroidered birdie in the middle. It’s hand quilted! My mind boggles… hand quilted! I will photograph it and put up a picture soon — you know, as soon as I’ve figured out what’s wonky with my camera. 

What’s more, there are other goodies! A stunning bright red crazed glass ball ornament. A bar of Green & Blacks chocolate with almonds. And a tiny little kitty cat doll that matches the quilt. It’s stunning!

AND the card was a quilted card that matched the quilt! 

Arriving, as it did, in the middle of a day of cooking and baking, when The Child refused to nap even after an exhausting morning, and then some scary news about the BFF… it was a brilliant moment in a dreary November day. 

Four months ago I’d never even heard of a swap. Now I’ve discover one of these astounding subcultures that exist everywhere and totally fascinate me.  What stuns me about swaps is how un-cynical they are. The idea that dozens of women (mostly women) sign up to send off something to a total stranger, something handmade that they labored over for hours, and then they go above-and-beyond to include other presents… And it’s for nothing more than the promise — thin and distant — that some other woman will do the same for them. From my reading, almost everyone almost always gets something! And the one or two instances where I found someone who didn’t get something the Swap Mama put out a call and got dozens of women who volunteered to send something off out of the sheer goodness of their hearts.

I suppose it shows how viciously jaded I am that this surprises me, but it gives me hope for civilization, for humanity. Which is a heavy burden for a bunch of whimsical quilts that are winging through the USPS. 

But this is a frigging awesome quilt!

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  1. K
    December 2, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    That a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgivng. I’m glad you love your quilt.

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