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The advent calendar just snuck up on me…

Have you ever contemplated how hard it is to fill an advent calendar without resorting to sweets?

My mom bought The Child one last year — a big log cabin from L.L.Bean. Because she wasn’t yet two, we filled it with dried fruit every night. A prune! An apricot! Look Mommy! A dried apple! Whee!

Such simple pleasures weren’t going to cut it this year. I’d had the thought a few times, but really didn’t think about it until the evening of Nov. 30th when my mom called to remind me to pull up the advent calendar for her. Oop! We hadn’t bought a thing for it!

In a fit of insanity that hid behind a mask of practicality, I decided to put some of her Christmas presents into the advent calendar. That way we weren’t giving her that much more, right? I’d already started to make a her a gnome family — very Waldorf, very cute — and they were small enough to fit into the teensey little drawers, right? I’d just take the ones I’d made, tuck them into the first couple of drawers and then whip up a couple extra.

What I didn’t think was that my original concept of a gnome family was Mama, Daddy, two sisters, a brother, maybe a grandparent. That’s six. There are TWENTY FOUR doors in an advent calendar! Basic math skills seem to elude me. 

I’ve been sewing in all my spare moments — so far we have Mama Kari, Sister Gretchen, little twins Thorvald and Hildy, two riding mice, and Nonna Freya. There is also a snow fairy. Still to come: Grandmother Winter, another snow fairy, two teeney tiny babies, a papa, and a grampy. All to be named later, after I’ve looked up more appropriately exotic names. But… that’s only twelve! 

I’m contemplating starting to do little homemade non-gnomic treasures: a flowery hair clip, a heart ornament, a snowflake. But The Child being who she is, I’m worried there will be a melt down when it’s not a gnome. She likes her routines and her order.

My only other option is to do all four grandparents, plus a couple of aunts, uncles, cousins, maybe a great-grandparent. And some riding birds. Maybe there’s a gnomic aviator. 

She started asking for a gnome house today….

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  1. elcynae
    December 10, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    Go with the meltdown. I mean, routines and order are good, but you need to stay sane. Plus, not everything in life will conform to her sense of order anyway… am I making excuses? 😉

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