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Cooking for a cause… kinda

I’ve got a friend. She’s really more of a friend of a friend, someone I’m pretty casual with. But her husband and mine go to poker night on Thursdays, and she’s good friends with one of my friends, so we’re somewhere between friend and acquaintence.

Anyway, she’s about as big as a minute, an eensey little thing. She and her husband had IVF recently and despite the HUGE price tag, made the decision to only have one embryo implanted. “We don’t want to risk twins,” they said.

You can all see where this is going, can’t you?

The embryo divided on day four, the odds are astronomical, literally, and now she’s got identical twins who are sharing a placenta. (I never read the twins section of the book, but apparently that ups the risks.) Several months ago, I predicted that she’d be on bed rest by Thanksgiving (she’s due in Feb.) and lo and behold, just before Thanksgiving… she’s on bed rest.

Her baby shower is next weekend. Our mutual friend isn’t going to be there, so I won’t really know anyone. It’s the Saturday before my big solstice party, and less than two weeks before Christmas. And it’s out in the burbs somewhere I’ve never even heard of. I bailed. I only feel a little guilty, though.

Because the mutual friend and I spent all last Sunday afternoon in the kitchen cooking. We stocked her freezer with four chicken pot pies, 16 individual servings of chili, four batches of bolognese sauce, three meals worth of potato soup, all in ready-to-nuke containers, plus frozen bread, muffins, and cookies which all just pop in the oven straight from the freezer. I’ll admit that I ate a lot of the cookie dough, though. Still, not bad for four hours from shopping to finished.

(When I say that “we” cooked, I will be just a touch catty and declare that I cooked and my friend diced onions and potatoes. She also put some garlic through a press. That’s it. And I had to show her how to dice an onion! I don’t understand how a person can get to the age of 37 without knowing how to dice an onion.)

I’m feeling very virtuous, doing this for this woman who is facing bed rest, probably preemie twins, her finances are shaky, her husband’s job is not stable. Very virtuous.

But damnit all, I spent all weekend cooking and I’ve got no food in the house.

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