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Back after a long illness

I had a cold. An ass-kicking, chest-wracking, throat-tearing, sinus-clogging cold. That’s why I’ve had no posts forever. I hope you all had lovely holidays.

Myself, I’m in the Northeast and buried under snow, with more sifting down from fat fluffy gray snow clouds as I type. I spent all day yesterday doing computer stuff (my part-time gig) and was freezing, probably from the lack of exercise. So this morning I”m indulging in a little fantasy play — I’ve got a seed catalog.

Now, I literally have no land to garden upon. I own my condo and it’s a second-floor. I’ve tried container gardening and I will continue to try container gardening, but it’s really just cruel and unusual punishment for the poor plants who die slowly on my windowsills. I’m not sure I’ll be any better with actual land. But in my head…. ah, in my head….

In my head I have a lush garden made of neatly trimmed raised beds, surrounded by a wattle fence that’s laced with morning glories and other old-fashioned, fragrant flowers. I’ve got carrots and parsley and celery and onions and kales and spinach and peppers and corn and anything else I want. My potagerie provides soup fixings every day and I have seven kinds of garlic. My herb garden is a aromatic island centered around a central fountain or sundial or something equally silly and Victorian. I have a huge rambling patch of luscious melons and autumnal squash and fairy tale-sized pumpkins. I might even have a few non-edible plants… drifts of hollyhocks and sweet peas, asters and black-eyed susans.

In reality, I have four pots on a sunny window sill and a rquest in to the local community garden for a plot.

But in the depths of a New England winter, with subzero temperatures predicted for this weekend…. I can dream of sunny beds of glassy basil, baking in the sun.

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  1. January 14, 2009 at 9:42 pm

    I really hope you get the plot. But, don’t give up on container gardening.
    Hang in there!

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