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And the parenting gods smile upon me

The Child opted not to nap Monday. She had school on Tuesday, so no nap. Wed., she refused to nap again. Thursday, school, and again, no nap.

Today did not start off well. She woke up at 5 and started screaming for me to come. Since we have an established rule that it’s not “morningtime” until the alarm goes off, we repeated the rule, told her to be quiet until the alarm goes off.

Well, that lead to a full-body tantrum, screaming, etc. No one slept. We wound up moving the alarm up seven minutes so we could declare it was morning and stop the screaming.

Since it was about 7 degrees here, we opted not to go for our morning walk and I was cranky and she was bored and finally I said fuck it and put her in the car and drove all of half a mile tot he library, jsut to get out of the house and… it’s closed on Friday mornings. ANOTHER screaming tantrum. We grabbed lunch and I came back here expecting the nap time to go hellishly. But I was bound to not lose my cool, to be calm and reassuring until she fell asleep because she was clearly in need of a nap and so was I.

I laid her down and told one story and started to sing and before I hit the third verse, she was snoring. Thank you gods. I swear, I don’t know that we would have gotten through alive if she hadn’t napped.

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