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Watch what happens…

I mentioned, recently, that the Child got her first major exposure to television during our collective convalescence. What I didn’t mention… because I didn’t realize it was happening…was how much she had absorbed.

When I said, “let’s clean!” she replied: “Don’t just clean it. OxyClean it!”

When I applauded something with the word, “Bravo!” she responded: “Watch what happens!”

And when we were listening to a story about doctors on NPR, she intoned from the backseat: “Sometimes patients die. Sometimes they live.” Which was a line from an episode of House that I watched while she was (I thought) asleep on the ottoman.

This has really clarified my no-TV policy for me. Lots of folks like to tell me to lighten up about it, but if just a few days of relatively benign exposure (“House” excepted) can get that deeply embedded in her brain, I can’t imagine what would happen after days, weeks, months of viewing.

And the culture on TV is so incredibly toxic. I don’t feel like going into a rant about how toxic the culture is. I suspect most of you agree with me. But I feel like I spend a lot of my time just protecting her from the various awfulness out there. It’s exhausting.

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