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Can I just get the cash, Mom?

My mother called to tell me that she’d bought a dress for The Child for Easter. “I got the Loves to Twirl dress,” she chirped. I shrugged. That’s a Hanna Andersson dress that’s a little pricey — $45 or so — but The Child really loves to twirl and Mom loves to shop, so I wasn’t going to gnash my teeth too much.

“I got it from a catalog called Chasing Fireflies,” she continued. “Ever hear of it? I just love everything in in! They just have the most beautiful stuff! I didn’t buy the one I really wanted…. $200 is a lot of money. It’s white so it’s perfect for her in the summer!”

I blinked. I was thinking $45 was a lot of money. I searched my brain for Chasing Fireflies and remembered, suddenly, when we were looking through it for The Child’s flower girl dress.

“Isn’t that a fancy dress catalog, Mom?”

“But it’s so beautiful, Amanda!”

I hopped on the website and the cheapest dresses are $118 or so!

Now, The Child is a grubby creature, as are all 3-year-olds. She lives in a city. She spills food. She goes to school on a farm. Where and when is she going to wear a white tulle dress that costs three figures?

More importantly, that money, invested properly, could be a nice chunk of change when it comes time to go to college. $150 (including shipping) could be $400, with some thoughtful investment. And a cheap little cotton sundress would be more useful and comfortable. If she wanted to spend more, she could have bought a cute little organic sundress.

I know it’s her way of showing affection. Love. Whatever. I know she says that shopping for The Child is her hobby. But $150 on a wear-it-twice dress is vaguely obscene in this economic climate.

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  1. MorethanMOM
    February 20, 2009 at 3:53 am

    Couldn’t agree more. Turn your mom onto Garnet Hill (www.garnethill.com) Great kids clothes for real kids; artfully designed, high quality and lots made from Green Cotton….and best of all your Mom will feel like she’s buying special (because she is) but you won’t have to cringe every time The Child wears it!

  2. February 20, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    my best fiend used to shop for my daughter at neiman-marcus and small boutiques, spent hundreds on clothes. meanwhile, i was juggling to pay the mortgage, insurance etc. the thought in my head “maybe you could put the money into a prepaid college fund instead? maybe?”

  3. March 2, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    For some reason I’m on the Chasing Fireflies mailing list (with 2 boys) and I’ve been HORRIFIED by the prices of the clothes. I mean, do people outside of the Housewives of Orange County actually spend that kind of money on kids clothing?
    Anyway, maybe you could take the expensive stuff your mom buys to a consignment shop after your daughter grows out of them and stretch that one dress out a bit!

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