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Back up your files

I’m married to a records manager. I have an external hard drive. I had meant to do it…

Our computer went kablooey on Sunday morning, in the wee hours. Since it’s our internet, our TV, our radio, and the only way I can get my part time job done, this is bad.

Because my part time job was due at 9 am on Monday, this was very bad.

Because I hadn’t backed up any of the past nine months worth of files for this job, this was VERY VERY bad.

We spent all day Sunday trying to get the hard drive running. Four geeks in two states, three different stores, and two different borrowed computers and no joy.

I spent all of yesterday morning updating the OS on my virgin laptop so that I could download MS Office. (MY laptop was never connected to the ‘net. She was just a writing box. Her OS was six years old. It took five updates from MS to be able to download Office.) That was four hours.

Then I spent all of yesterday afternoon/evening recreating my files from the paper copies i had. Nine hours. If the nice folks at the computer repair place can’t get our hard drive spinning, then I’ll have to do that for each of the four cycles in my job.

Think happy thoughts at the guys at the computer repair place.

In the mean time, we need a new computer. Just the box, but that’s plenty. Apparently, the crappy ass health insurance has bumped our deductable up to $500… PER PERSON. So suddenly bills that we thought were covered aren’t. A new computer isn’t horribly expensive… but it’s more than we have right now.

So, ladies and gentlemen…. back up your files.

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