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A major milestone of motherhood

Technically, that should be “parenthood”, since The Husband is taking half a day to come, too. But then the alliteration would have been screwed up.

Today is The Child’s first parent-teacher conference. She’s three and delightful so I’m not worried… in the abstract. But there’s a small knot of worry at the base of my spine. It’s not about her. It’s a visceral memory to those days when my parents would go in for parent-teacher conferences.

Not that I was a rotten kid. I was well-behaved, if something of a slacker and underachiever — in large part because I had serious social issues. But my mom would always get snappy beforehand and then, afterwards, have long and serious conversations with me about how I needed to change in order to fit in better.

One of my mom friends says that one of her friends pulled her kid out of preschool based on a bad p.t.c. I’m confident enough that I’m really not worried about what they are going to say about her, more about whether or not I’m going to make an idiot out of myself.

I’ve never been to one of these things and that, combined with my childhood flashbacks, has me just nervous enough that I called my sister in law to find out what I should expect, what I should do or say. (She’s a teacher.) She gave me a quick cheat sheet: ask if she listens, how does she do in one-on-one interactions, how about circle time? Does she make friends, get along okay with the other children?

The Husband, as I said, took a half day to come with me. Given that he’s one of only two dads doing that (and the other is a teacher who gets out at 2 o’clock anyway), I again feel blessed to have a husband who is so involved. It makes the title of the post all that more unfair (but still… alliterative!)

I’ll let you know how it goes this evening.

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