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Well, the conference went pretty well

The conference went really well, to be honest. The Child’s teacher was glowing in her praise, effusive in her compliments about our daughter, and generally really thrilled to have her in the class.

I’m thrilled because I found out that this teacher has Waldrof training. Add to that the background of the other teacher (a male! gasp!) and this adds up to the ideal program for me. She was a little sheepish because there aren’t many (any!) sit-down things like cutesy-pie art projects and they aren’t trying to teach her to read.

“Mostly we go outside and play. We pretend logs are trains or boats and we learn about tracks in the snow. There isn’t a lot of independent reading time.”

“GREAT!” She seemed surprised that I was so vehement, but really I can’t imagine a better preschool.

She said that sometimes, because The Child is so together and so stable that she has to remind herself to pay attention to her, as opposed to the other (one supposes, less stable) kids. The Child is determined and asks for help when she needs it and never gets frustrated.

Those words echoed through my head with serious irony today as The Child melted down time and again on our walk to the P.O. this morning.

Her only concern — and she said it was really minor — was that The Child is sometimes too much of a peacekeeper. This surprised me. To illustrate, she cited an incident where The Child had a toy (a frog, I think) and another child grabbed it from her. Another kid would have screamed or hit but The Child said “You can have it for a few minutes and then it’s my turn.” The Teacher said she almost stepped in just to give it back to My Child because she deserved it!

So I have to work on The Child standing up for herself. Not something I would have thought would be an issue, but I will work on it. I’m not sure how much of an issue it really is, though, since I suspect the other kid was one of the ones she sort of worships. She’s the youngest kid in the class but a fair margin and she pretty much adores two of the five year old boys and I suspect that one of them was the other child in the incident.

Now, giving in to handsome older boys that you worship…. that’s something I’ve had some experience with. (My high school career was a bit checkered, in terms of handsome boys. Often there was a motorcycle involved.)

I guess I still had some nervous energy to burn off because my evening wasn’t spent doing my part-time job. It was spent being angry about a host of small things: an email, a phone call from my mother, an article in the Times. But, all in all, it was really nice to hear a professional who knows my daughter say that she’s a great kid.

(External validation for a mom is so rare that I can’t even be annoyed at myself for enjoying it.)

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  1. March 9, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    only children in my experience go two ways: it’s all theirs OR yeah, sure you can have it for awhile. i’m cool.
    kudos to you. and don’t worry about the meltdown, i’m sure it was nothing compared to some you’ve had [me too!]

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