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I get to be one of those moms for once!

I’m gloating.

I may or may not have mentioned K., the irritating mother of C., one of my daughter’s classmates. C personifies everything in little girls that I hate. She wears only pink — Disney’s Pantone Pink 241 — and usually dresses. At home she wears nothing but her Disney Princess Dresses and would wear them out if her mom let her. She ignores boys as if they don’t exists and likes to tell The Child about how wearing construction boots makes her not look like a girl.

K is clearly an enabler in this — if nothing else, no child needs four different princess dresses — and she herself personifies everything I don’t like in the cult of motherhood. She has lots of expensive stuff and likes to show off her lots of expensive stuff. And I mean expensive. Her (flat-screen plasma) television is bigger than the footprint of my first car. And my second car, now that I think on it. When the preschool got a MALE teacher, she threw a fit and considered withdrawing her daughter.

Anyway, she was the only parent who arrived the first day of class with everything from the list. None of us had GOTTEN the list, we’re not sure how she did, but by god her kid arrived with a coordinated backpack, thermos, snack bag, and windbreaker (all, I need not tell you, in two shades of pink with lots of characters all over it).

Anyway, last week the kids came back from their walk at school a little late and we got to watch them all eat their snacks at the table. I was chatting with one of the moms I really like when I hear K’s voice, across the table. “A stainless steel bowl, huh?”

Took me a minute to realize she was talking to me. Then I had to figure out what the hell she was talking about. I looked down to see The Child eating her snack (cashews and raisins) from the stainless steel bowl I send in every Tues and Thurs. It’s got a silicon lid.

I smiled and nodded, yes, my daughter eats out of stainless steel bowl. I was trying hard to keep the “and that’s relevant to you why?” off of my face. Don’t know how well I did.

She looked down at her own daughter’s lunch and said, “We just use plastic.”

Oh! Suddenly I understood. The whole plastic-is-bad meme swept the moms in our area about two years ago like a wildfire. Because I had ditched even plastic bowls, I had outdone her, scoring some points in the Great Mom Contest that some mothers seem to be engaged in. (I say that smugly, like I’m above the frat. I try not to plat that game, but every once in a while I kinda like to check my score.)

I made some nonsensical reply, usually I hit on the “my husband works for the EPA, so we feel strongly about not using plastic.” Which, now that I think on it, I meant from an environmental point of view but she may have taken it from a health point of view. Oooh… I scored a hit accidentally.

Anyway, she got this considered look on her face and I turned to my companion (L’s mom) to try to include her in the conversation and we started talking about steel containers and were there any that a three-year-old could open but still wouldn’t spill when dropped down three flights of stairs. (No.)

I forgot about all of this until this week when K made a point of packing her daughter’s snack bag right next to me during check out, naming everything that went in. “Your apple, your thermos, your new bowl.” And sure ’nuff, there was a shiny new stainless steel bowl.

For once, I’m the Joneses that someone else is keeping up with. Hee.

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  1. elcynae
    March 27, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    Dear whoever is listening, please don’t give me too many of those when my child starts preschool. I’m not sure I could keep a straight face, and I’d rather not start offending people yet.

    Just… wow. We even have stainless steel bowls for her. They’re her mixing bowls in the kitchen. I never thought of packing snacks in them, even though they have lids. Now I’m thinking about it, and I’m going to feel weird no matter what I do. 🙂

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